Miklos Both


Miklos Both is a Hungarian composer, performer, singer, guitarist and songwriter. He is the winner of the prestigious Fonogram and Budai awards, and performs with the Hungarian band, Napra. He is also the permanent soloist of the Rendhagyo Primastalalkozo.

Both's music is influence by Béla Bartók and Jimi Hendrix, along with Transylvanian folk music and gypsy music from Budapest.
He majored in Aesthetics and Communication at the Pazmany Peter Catholic University and taught himself to play the guitar. He started his career playing in well-known Hungarian bands like VHK and Karpat Mobiusz, before forming his first band, Magura Napotvet.

After his work with the band Barbaro in 2004, he formed Napra. Napra's 2007 debut album, Jaj a Vilag, produced by Ben Mandelson, won the Fonogram award.

In 2009, Both was asked by Daniel Gryllus, editor of the Hangzo Helikon series, to compose music for Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti's hundred-year birthday anniversary. The resulting album won the Budai Award at the Budapest International Book Festival.

In 2010, he was asked to be the soloist for the Rendhagyo Primastalalkozo Ensemble, which released an album the same year. The Rendhagyo Primastalalkozo CD 2010 made it to the top ten of the Songline Top of the World list.

In 2011, he became the soloist of the international gypsy integration project, the Cafés & Citizenry, backed by the EU. The participants in the project came from Italy, Hungary and Romania, and held workshops and concerts.

Miklos Both represented Hungary in Koppenhagen at the World Music Expo (WOMEX) 2011 with the Cafés & Citizenry musicians, with whom he later formed his new band, Both Miklos Folkside, in 2012. The Both Miklos Folkside released their debut album February 2013.